Learning How To Learn Altschuler Analysis

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College comes with many obstacles, some like to believe that having so much freedom is what makes one spiral downhill, but personal and academic stress tend to be the number one iceberg standing in the way of student’s success. Altschuler informs readers in his article, “Learning How to Learn”, of one of the many types of stress that a first year college student faces, the stress of having to learn how to learn. Many students go throughout high school only learning how to memorize and recite information, never actually learning concepts or how to think critically. College differs from high school, not only because a young adult is away from home, but also because instructors do not stand overtop of their students and tell them what to write …show more content…
The author has become aware that a college students stress does not always come from the learning material and styles, it also comes from the outside factors. “While some first-year students experience little or no anxiety, most freshmen have a stress story like Kate’s, be it academic or personal–about family or financial responsibilities, inadequate high school preparation, or pressure to do well in today’s increasingly competitive environment.” In addition to these factors, being away from home also plays a big part in the emotional stress of being in college. For a lot of young adults, being outside of their comfort zone and away from their family and friends is stressful, so to help cope with new adjustments, colleges design freshman activities as a type of therapy. This is a way to make friends and experience new things, so its best to be open-minded when participating. These activities are the best way to meet people which relieves stress and it also give you an outlet to vent about the other emotional things that every college student deals with. The biggest lesson that one should obtain from the emotional stress brought on by college is that you are not the only one, almost everyone is battling the same demons, so don’t be afraid to confide in others about what is

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