Learning Experiences And Cultural Competencies That You Believe Were Valued At Nick 's School

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Based on the information presented in the video, describe the learning experiences and cultural competencies that you believe were valued at Nick’s school. When it came to teaching Nick’s at his school they did that, but not to his understanding. Sometime we forget that when it comes to explaining things in the educational world we forget how to present things in away so that the students may understand what is being presented to them. Nick school forgot that every student is different and learn different. In the video they talked about how Nick just went to school and how he never got a handle on anything that was being thought in all his classes. We just assume that they understand what is being thought, they never inquired to see if we really learned anything. When I was in school we did not have a say so on what is being thought and how it is being thought. We just had to learn to the best of our ability. When it comes to teaching we as teacher have forgotten it not about us it is about the students and their wellbeing. Plan a variety of learning activities so that all students can select the approach that best matches how they learn. While the learning approach should focus on diversity, the goal or objective for the activity should be the same for each student (e.g., learning to conduct research, learning to calculate percentages, writing articles for the school newspaper). (Wardle, F. 2013). At the daycare that I work at we start off with assessments for…

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