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Learning Experience Paper
Elizabeth has a two year old named Ethan, who is very energetic and is experiencing new habits. Those new habits consist of putting objects in his mouth, dropping and throwing things, and touching dangerous objects. This is Elizabeth’s second son , when raising her first son Eric, she noticed that both Eric and Ethan had the same exact habits. The two were so energetic, Eric would instead of eating his food he would throw it, and Ethan seemed to like hard objects, it reached the point where he was playing with the outlet, how dangerous.

Elizabeth caught on quick with Eric as soon as she gave Eric his food she would be standing beside him with a water bottle and her keys as soon as Eric would reach for his food
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Reinforcers make it more likely that you will do something again, while punishers make it less likely. Eric’s behavior was not tolerated by Elizabeth when he would throw his meals and make a mess. Elizabeth was very disappointed and she fashioned a way where she could teach Eric to not throw the food. She attempted a form of operant conditioning to see if it would work. In the course of lunch Elizabeth put together one of Eric’s desired meals. This being Eric 's first meal of the day and he does enjoy chicken nuggets and french fries, she knew he would not bare to throw it and be a good boy and eat his food. Back of Elizabeth 's mind she knew this would be a perfect time to give Eric chocolate considering that it was Eric’s favorite treat. In this specific plot the treat of chocolate was used by Elizabeth as a positive reinforcement. The behavior by Eric was to eat all of his food now to receive his favorite treat, chocolate. When Eric would not eat his food regularly and would throw away food he did not like, like veggies and other dishes, Elizabeth did not reward him with a treat. She then gave him veggies, chicken nuggets, and fries and when he began to throw the food and starting to pout she then takes away the veggies, and he then begins to eat his food after noticing the veggies are taking away. In this scenario the behavior was Eric …show more content…
Some of these habit are throwing his food playing with his brother’s toys, being aggressive with his brother and making a mess. Soon Ethan started to obtain these same habits. When it came time to eat Elizabeth would serve Ethan and Eric with there favorite dish chicken nuggets and french fries and even before lunch was served Ethan was already throwing his eating utensils on the ground. When it was time for them to clean up instead Ethan was putting all of the toys out in the living room and not in the bin and taking away toys from Eric. Eric would be sitting watching cartoons and Ethan would go and annoy him, by pushing him down and standing in front of the tv. These new acts that Ethan learned were not actions he used to do. By observing his brother Eric, and watching his behavior he started to pick up the same behaviors as him. Ethan was acting the same was as Eric and he learned these new actions by observational

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