Learning English As A Second Language Essay

757 Words Dec 8th, 2015 4 Pages
Learning English as a second language is very challenging, but not impossible. As it is the way in any type of language, mastering the English language requires frequent reading, talking, and writing. As a freshman student at Tennessee State University, I am taking the English 1010course, and I have been studying and preparing for thecourse very hard to achieve the highestgrade possible in the class. This commitment demandsplenty of time and hard work. It also requires a diligent consistency.Perfecting the talking, reading, and writing of the English subject results in an outstanding grade. At times, when a student has a different mother tongue, efforts should be given more value than a mere mastering of the language without exerting any hardship. Working hard in mastering this course is what I choose to do to improvemyself, and the change in my ability should be noticeable enough to afford me more encouraging reward. Also, attending every class, turning in my assignments on time, and participatingin class discussions were notable actions worthy of the most encouraging grade; A. I should earn inthis course.
My grade in this English 1010 course should be an A for other important reasons. First of all, as I have mentioned it above, I have a good attendance and participation in the class. Attendance and participations are not only very important to improve myself but they are also indicators of the effort I put in the task of learning the subject. This effort deserves a…

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