Essay on Learning English As A Second Language

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There are multiple different approaches so help children learn English as a second language. One way is called “Operation Spider,” this method helps the students focus on their local environment and get them involved in learning new English. The second method is the children’s speaking skills and how they need to feel confident speaking their new language. The third method is the student’s attitude towards learning English as a second language and to make sure their attitudes are always positive. The fourth method understands the student’s cognitive, behavioral, and emotional attitudes. The fifth method is the technology that the students can use to help improve their English. I chose these five topics because they are all very important aspects in helping students learn English and improving their speaking skills. My first article was called “Does a Spider have Fur?” This article uses a range of process skills; including observing, describing, communication, comparing, sorting, and classifying to develop their understanding about the physical characteristics of spiders. It helped develop an awareness of ethical issues associated with animals in the backyard, in the school ground, in the classroom, and in the environment. It also helped the students generate their own questions about spiders and get them involved in talking to other students about their observations. The first question I asked my student was “How well do you know your environment and do you know how to…

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