Learning English And Becoming A Good Writer Essay

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Have you ever imagined if you could were able read and write a different language that is not your first language? I am a Vietnamese immigrant student and I am studying in the college in the United States. When I first attended college in the United States, I had had a hard time of reading and writing English. I spent most my time during the first three years to learning English. From learning at the church, to going to every class or course at the college I could find out about, reading and writing were what I was doing. I have been doing many things such as work and school together since I arrived here, but studying English was the number one important thing that I have to be good at and I still enjoy doing it at every opportunity I get.
The first important aspect of learning English and becoming a good writer is that I have to be correcting English grammar and gaining my confidence to speak in public. These are in what I could accomplish through practice and learn from school, media and other people. These can also help me develop my multitasking skills of English through meeting with and talking to different people about the lesson. These ideas helped me to improve the basic language skill and develop my English vocabulary also.
Secondly, while learning in school, I realized that reading and understanding are important too. There is a plural of words that I did not understand. So, by finding the definition of the meaning of the word, I recognized that most of every word…

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