Learning Centers : An Important Part Of The Day For Students Young And Old

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Learning centers is an important part of the day for students young and old. The learning centers must have a based around any topic from social studies, science, mathematics, English, and word study. The center is designed for students to work together or in small groups to enhance their content knowledge, add enrichment, introducing new topics, relating topics, finally, to practice skills. When the teacher develops learning centers, they require completely detailed and thought through strategies. The students are encouraged to self-monitor themselves and to cooperate in the learning of the concept and/or skill. Differentiation of learning a skill and accommodating all of the educational needs of the classroom is important in a well-developed learning center (Morris & Obenchain, 2014. P. 141) Literacy in learning centers are easy to incorporate and should be in all of the centers. When students go to the center there should be a variety of concepts or skills being used that are differentiated and range from basic to difficult. The reading center and the writing center should be permanent throughout the year, the rest of the centers need to be interchanged when the students learn new concepts or move to a different book. Student groups ought to be flexible so the students can move around the room once they are finished working. To keep the child participating, each center should have more than one activity on the same topic. All of the learning centers must have clear…

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