Learning, Attitudes, And Practice Of Nutrition Essay examples

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I. Introduction
A special program was designed to improve knowledge, attitudes, and practice (KAP) regarding nutrition. The control group was comprised of a sample of 10 males who received the standard nutrition education program. The experimental group consisted of a sample of 10 males who received the KAP nutrition education program. For each program, the participants received 45 minutes of instruction twice a week for 15 weeks. All participants completed a pre-test and post-test to assess their current knowledge, attitudes, and practices. Both the control group and the experimental group completed a pretest questionnaire that included descriptors, with the purpose of capturing the subjects KAP towards nutrition. Five weeks concluding the program, both the control group and experimental group completed a posttest questionnaire that excluded descriptors. The questionnaires contained five questions regarding knowledge, four questions regarding attitude, and three questions regarding current practices of nutrition. Three components were being measured, total knowledge score, total attitude score, and total practice score. Coding was used to evaluate the questionnaires for the pretest and posttest data, and then put into data sheets. Numbers ranged from zero to 99 and were assigned to each question response and organized into the data sheets for comparison and analysis. The hypothesis states that there is not a statistical significant difference in experimental and control…

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