Learning Aspects Of Family Communication: Noteted By Dr. Shelley

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Family Communication
How well does your family communicate? Family-whether of origin or procreated, communication is inevitable. The following depicts theories and aspects that I learned in Family Communication instructed by Dr. Shelley.
Learning Aspects
Important. The most important information that I learned was that a family system may take years to evolve and “gain similarity in interpreting and responding to each other’s behaviors” (Shelley). Moreover, I learned that it will take a lot of time for my ex-husband and I to learn how to effectively communicate with and treat one another. Hopefully, both of us have the patience and can commit to improving our relationship towards one another.
Surprising. The most surprising thing that
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I definitely see changes in my relationships with family members since using skills learned in Family Communication class. Thus, I have been incorporating various forms of communication to different relationships in my family, which has so far had a positive impact.
Ultimately, I learned that as dysfunctional as my family can be at times, for the most part, my family has a five to one ratio of positive to negative interactions making it functional. No, I do not feel any difference towards my family since taking the Family Communication course. Notably, I do not think that I have begun relating any differently to members of my family either.
Probes. Typically, I enjoy writing the probes for Dr. Shelley. Probes are an excellent way for students to reveal family stories and circumstances discreetly. The probes give students an open communication system that enables an outlet for the students to vent their concerns without being judged. Dr. Shelley’s number system is a great technique allowing students to write about their family issues anonymously.
Self-Awareness. From writing the probes, I discovered that I need to example better communication skills and techniques towards my family members. Likewise, I learned ways to improve my relationships with family members by simply,
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I think “circle time” and openly discussing our personal experiences, pertaining to class topics, far exceeds the “traditional” styles of teaching. Obviously, I find the teaching technique to be more conducive to learning the information since I have taken five courses taught by Dr. Shelley.
Sharing. Being an outgoing person, I love to freely share my thoughts and feelings. The older I become, the more I want to share my experiences and thoughts in hopes of helping others with their own dilemmas. Therefore, I enjoy sharing with classmates and hope they feel the same way. In Family Communication class, to my knowledge my peers were supportive and never critical towards me or anyone else’s family stories explained during class. I do not agree with “traditional” styles of teaching because I feel students do not fully understand everything they are being taught and are unable to discuss their dilemmas.
Rows vs. Circle. I do not like sitting in rows with complete strangers surrounding me, so when I first took a course taught by Dr. Shelley last semester I knew I would take whatever I could that she was teaching. Ironically, the only class that I took last semester where we did not sit in a circle in class was Small Groups in

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