Learning And Self Regulated Learning Strategies Essay

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In an educational environment as well in everyday life we tend to establish assumptions of learning and what is the best way to learn. In the article, Self-Regulated Learning: Beliefs, Techniques, and Illusions (Bjork, Dunlosky, & Kornell, 2013) the authors present significant research and practice on students study habits. This article discusses contexts of learning and self-regulated learning strategies. The world is constantly evolving, forcing students to develop learning methods that allow them to not only succeed in school, but also in life. This is possible through the advancement of technology that is becoming available to us. It is believed that being able to manage your own learning activities is an important skill necessary for survival. As stated by authors Bjork, Dunlosky and Konrell (2013),
Becoming a truly effective learner entails (a) understanding key aspects of the functional architecture that characterizes human learning and memory, (b) knowing activities and techniques that enhance the storage and subsequent retrieval of to-be-learned information and procedures, (c)knowing how to monitor the state of one’s learning and to control ones learning activities in response to such monitoring, and (d) understanding certain biases that can impair judgements of whether that will support later to recall and transfer has been achieved. (pg. 419)
The problem the authors seek to address is that it’s often misinterpreted on how one should approach their studies. We as…

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