Learning And Developmental Theory : A Case Study About A 31 Year Old African American Man Named Taron

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The case study I found the most interesting was “Learning and Developmental Theory: a case study about a 31-year-old African American man named Taron. According to the case study “Taron grew up in a very conservative, professional, and disciplined household for things such as behavior and relationships. However; things that were constructive and positive, the entire family was very supportive and liberal”. Taron was the youngest sibling and the way he grew up, he never really spoke much in his family. He was very obedient to his parents and had his older siblings to look up to. Taron had a nurturing, spoiled relationship with his mother, but had a supportive and pessimistic relationship with his father. According to Taron, he stated that “He exhibited classic Social Learning as coined by Bandura. Taron’s behavior toward seemingly everything is very much like that of his father and their relationship—calculated, logical, and matter-of-fact. There is rarely (if ever) any emotion or feelings that factor into decisions and interactions, and Taron has shown this behavior since childhood”.

Bandura and Piaget’s social development theories plays a big part in Taron’s childhoods. Taron grew up observing how his father interact with people and he started imitating his father and that is how he learned how to talk as an adult, responsible and out spoken man. Taron also mentioned Erikson’s stage of identity vs. Role Confusion. He states that “lack of emotional connection with someone…

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