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Annotated Bibliography: Foundation for a course Project

PSYC 3500; Learning and Cognition
U5A1: Annotated Bibliography
Capella University
November, 2013

Annotated Bibliography: Foundation for a course Project
This paper contains an annotated bibliography for a paper which will serve as the final project for a course on the subject of learning and cognition. The paper for which this bibliography was prepared originally was to focus on whether or not a youth could be conditioned by maltreatment at home resulting in poor social and academic performance at school. The original thought was that removal of a child from an abusive or neglectful home would be an appropriate treatment for
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According to Eckenrode (1993) the first group consisted of 420 children who were identified by the “New York State Child Abuse and Maltreatment Register” as maltreated. The second group was 420 youth who were not known to be maltreated. Research for the present study showed that maltreated youth scored lower on standardized tests and showed more disciplinary problems than their non-maltreated peers (abstract). The comprehensive look at the correlation between child maltreatment and difficulty in the educational setting will add to this paper’s discussion on the same subject.
Sarah Font, Kathryn Maguire-Jack (2013) Academic engagement and performance: Estimating the impact of out-of-home care for maltreated children. Children and Youth Services Review, Volume 35, Issue 5, May 2013, Pages 856-864 http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.childyouth.2013.02.010
Full qualifications for the authors of this journal article were not readily available at the time this annotation was being prepared, however, both seem to hold some affiliation to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Social Work (though it is unknown if this affiliation is as faculty or graduates). However, the journal which published the article is considered scholarly, and the article itself was peer reviewed prior to publication. The article compares academic performance of maltreated children who have been placed in foster

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