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Read Write Learning: Analysis of my Learning

Strategy using the VARK Questionnaire

Claudette Bryson

Grand Canyon University

Read Write Learning: Analysis of my Learning

VARK is the acronym used to represent, Visual, Aural, Read/Write and Kinesthetic sensory learning strategies that are used to detect the learning style that is best for an individual. Each individual has a specified style of learning which can easily be identified with the use of the VARK technique. The VARK learning strategy was developed by Fleming (1997) to measure the difference in learning styles.

The VARK technique can
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As Fleming points out many learners are multimodal, despite the dominant learning preference for the learner. The participant expresses agreement of being multimodal as well. When the need arises to be aural, as in memorizing important information, listening to lectures or replaying cassettes, or viewing videos or tutorials repetitively, the events will create a picture in the mind of the learner, therefore facilitating the exchange of ideas.

If there is an assignment that is essential, the learner demonstrates a different technique. The text is read in its entirety to convey, or create a vivid imagination. The text is reread, highlighting the important points in order to commit to memory. Repetitive reading provides accuracy which leads to retention, and recapturing what might have been missed thus preserving only the important information.

Repetition can be the solution to great memorization. Visual aid is also an additional learning style that the learner uses in order to recall important facts; learning could be recalled utilizing pictures, pies, graphs, drawings, and charts. Qualifying as a visual learner is quite enjoyable to the participant. Utilizing clinical skills, it is rather important that the learner is multimodal. VARK analysis in his (Questionnaire, 2006) states the learner is multimodal with the highest score on Read/Write

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