Learning Activity Worksheet : Week Four Essay

955 Words Nov 21st, 2016 4 Pages

1. Political Parties, Interest Groups, and Elections: (Select One)

A. One strength of one of the following: political parties, interest groups, or elections.

The election process in the United States is often a time where the country finds itself divide among political parties, but the election process is a time where the general public can exercise its power within the government.
With all that in mind, one of the strength of the elections in the U.S. is the opportunity it gives for the U.S. citizens to exercise their power. According to Fine & Levin-Waldman (2016), through elections, citizens express themselves as a political community, give their tacit acceptance of the constitutional arrangements that govern them, and achieve a peaceful transfer of power. In a democracy, it is always important to share the power with the people, one way this is done is through the election of government representatives. Voting is the most basic form of public participation, but those with a higher socioeconomic status tend to participate more, (Fine & Levin-Waldman, 2016). This point is also evident according to Cebula, Duquette, & Mixon (2013), when they say, “voter participation rates are positively related to real per-capita incomes among the electorate.” The election process is the U.S. citizens’ expression of power and the goal is to elect officials that will best represent the nation and protect the rights of the individuals and groups…

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