Essay on Learning About The Program College Credit

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As a sixteen year old girl still a junior in high school, someone could say I don’t have very many educational experiences. Although when looking in the point of view of a sixteen year old girl that is a full time student at Columbus State, someone could say I do have somewhat of an educational experience. Being so young and having the benefit of starting my post secondary schooling early has not just helped me academically but also personally. Learning about the program College Credit Plus at a young age has pushed me into the academic student I am today and changed my life for the better. From a young age my father always pushed my sisters and I to do well in school. My father always said the same thing to my sisters and I, at the beginning of each school year on the first day of school. My father use to say, “Make this year count more than the last, make your dad proud, and make sure those grades will put a smile on my face.” When I first heard about College Credit Plus I was in 8th grade and my sister got invited into the program her sophomore year. She later decided to decline her offer and instead go to a vocational school, but I knew from then on I wanted to be in that program and I pushed myself everyday until I got into invited by my school to be allowed into the program. It wasn’t just my father and the program itself that helped pushed me to go into the program. Being a student at Groveport Madison High School can be memorable sometimes but not always. The high…

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