Learning About Major Crime And Environment Theories Essay

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Learning about major crime preventions and environment theories has helped me to expand my knowledge regarding this subject. Geographical displacement occurs when the intervention blocks crime or disorder opportunities at a place or area. Therefore, offenders move to other places or areas to keep continue to commit crimes. Temporal displacement is when offenders keep committing crimes at the same location or area but in different days or hours. “Temporal displacement can be easier for offenders than geographical displacement because it does not required as much work” (Clarke & Eck, 2014). Overall, crime displacement is the relocation of crime location, time, target, offense, or tactic.
When geographical displacement occurs, the offender is more likely to move somewhere close to the original hot spot. When geographical or temporal displacement occurs, it is most likely to shift crime to locations and time very similar to the location and times affected by the prevention” (Clarke & Eck, 2014). While law enforcement try to prevent crime opportunities by catching the locations or areas that are affected by offenders, at the same time they are pushing offenders to move to other locations and commit crimes again. Also when offenders move to other locations or areas to commit crime, it can distort the conclusion about effectives.
Sometimes offenders change their locations, hours, and days to commit crimes. But they can also switch targets, change their tactics, or change crimes.…

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