Learning About Development By Doing A Purpose Interview With A 16 Year Old Boy

2268 Words Mar 9th, 2016 10 Pages
I chose to learn about development by doing a purpose interview with a 16 year old boy. He described himself as a very stressed, sleep-deprived junior. It was difficult to navigate through the monosyllable answers but it was also very interesting to listen to his answers. A lot of prompts were needed and every question was accompanied by at least 5 whys at the end on his part. The three big themes that emerged while interviewing him were parenting styles, the concept of intelligence and the development of identity and self. A number of the questions in the interview were directed towards the importance and significance of family. This presented a view into the parenting styles adopted in his household. His responses indicated whether he is part of authoritative, overprotective, neglectful, indulgent or authoritarian parenting style. To the question about what is the most important thing in his life, he answered "family" and also to the question that how important family is in relative to other things in life, his response was "most important, more important than friends". I learnt that he shares a strong bond with his parents and siblings. His parents probably have a democratic/authoritative style of parenting where he is loved and protected. A parenting style where the parents are sensitive to their child 's needs. For an adolescent, usually peers and parents are equally important (as stated in the slides shown in class) but this teenager admitted that his parents were…

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