Learning About Asian Cultures And Its Application Essay example

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Learning about Asian cultures has always been fascinating to me. Growing up, I did not have much exposure to Eastern cultures, religions, even food! As I have gotten older, I keep getting pulled East with where I would like to travel and explore traditions. India is particularly interesting to me, but I do not know a lot about the country. If you asked me a few weeks ago, I would associate India with bright colors, elephants and a love of cows. That’s it. Throughout the past few weeks, I have expanded my knowledge of India and Hindu culture and am intrigued to learn more. Viewing the film Water, has helped me gain a visual perspective on what culture in India was like in the 30’s. Through the film, I was able to learn more about Hinduism and its application in a culture. Something that stuck out the most to me was the double standard and treatment of women in the religion. Moving forward, the introduction of Gandhi towards the end made me feel better because of the things I learned about him through the character Narayan.

Watching Water, I was able to see some of the traditions I learned about in class played out on screen. I noticed their city was located on a river, which is the female embodiment of god. Everyone would bathe in the river and use the water as holy water. In the movie, Shakuntula is seen chanting as she and Chuyia are bathing in the river. She also tells Chuyia to pray. The emphasis on colors played out here as well. The widows could only…

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