Essay about Learning A Positive Learning Climate

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Learning is like a highway, incorporating vast packets of information being delivered, often at high speeds, and building connections between different subject matters. With so much information racing down from the sensory register to the intermediate memory, it’s is easy for students to feel lost and confused about what they learn as most of the lesson is never properly recorded by their brains. As a peer instructor, I have found that in order to have effective learning there must be effective teaching, built around metacognition and student thought processes.
Effective teaching begins with the learning climate; the emotional feeling a classroom exudes on a student’s learning experience (Sousa 1995). As a teacher, my job is to create a positive learning climate, one that encourages students to share their misconceptions openly and promotes student-to-student dialogue. In my study groups this year, I started out by listing expectations, focusing not only on my expectations of my students but their expectations of their peers and me. This dialogue helps to promote a positive learning climate as students start to feel included in the set up of the lessons while also feeling like their peers and instructor respect their ideas. This mutual agreement also increases trust and confidence in students as the constant fear of being criticized for being wrong is removed.
When students start off with a positive learning climate, there is better retention of material and more energy in…

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