Learning A New Language Is One Of The Most Difficult Things I Have Done

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Learning a new language is one of the most difficult things I have done in my life. My whole life has changed since I moved to the United States. I did not know how to speak English when I arrived here. It is difficult to survive in the United States if you did not know how to communicate or understand what the other person is trying to say. I had to learn English by reading books and watching movies. I had a friend of mine who helped me with learning English as well. I am getting better with my English skills, but I am still having difficulty with the written portion due to grammar. I am thankful to my English teacher, Mr. Wright, from high school who taught me how to learn the English better. It was my first day of school and I went to the school early and I ask one of the security guards to give me directions to my class. When I got to the class, Mr. Wright was sitting in there. He said, “Are you the new student here?” I replied, “Yes”. He told me something, but I was having trouble understanding him and I felt embarrassed. After a few weeks, I got used to his American accent and I was able to understand what Mr. Wright was saying. One day, I asked him for his advice on how to improve my skills in English. Mr. Wright told me that if I wanted to improve my English than I should read as many books as possible. That’s when I started going to the library. I enjoyed reading fiction books. By far, one of my favorite genre is science fiction. Some of the books that I read are…

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