Learner Objectives Of A Case Study

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The learner objectives for the case study are clearly stated. One of the important steps in preparing a case study is formulating clearly stated objectives that specify what students will be able to accomplish as a result of the learning activity. The objectives must be observable, measurable, and should involve action verbs. The objectives serve as guidelines for content, instruction, and evaluation. Under the Simulation Design Template, there are clearly stated simulation learning objectives for faculty as well as for learner. For e.g. one of the learner objectives states “Demonstrate a general head to toe assessment and a focused assessment of patient’s right foot”.

The case study integrated General Mental Model student knowledge into
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The most important role of the nurse educator in the implementation of the case study is as a group facilitator. The nurse educator must possess ample knowledge regarding the case and clinical content. To promote objective discussion, the case methodology needs an informal atmosphere. The nurse educator must also provide timely assistance to students in case study process. The nurse educator’s role as a facilitator was not clearly outlined in the case …show more content…
Culture is an important determinant of a viable nursing care plan and has a specific influence on the health and disease on an individual. The needs of older adults must be considered in a culturally competent and sensitive manner. The evidence of considerations of cultural competence in this case scenario includes; the concerns expressed by Mr. Red`s daughter-in-law about his ability to care for himself, and the analysis of the risks and benefits of Mr. Red`s living arrangements in collaboration with Jon and Judy and the health care team.

The case study utilized various literary mechanisms to bring the characters to life in the case story plot. Mr. Red`s introductory monologue is an example of the literary mechanism. The audio file used in the case study gives life to the character. The case study is “scripted” where Mr. Red is narrating his case.

There were appropriate level clues built into the case to stimulate research and problem solving. For. E.g. in scenario 1, Mr. Red makes statements that cue learners that further assessments are needed of his diet, medication, and alcohol use, and to rule out elder abuse. There are specific cues in the scenario progression outlines such as “Red is usually awake and alert. This is really a change for him”. The pre-licensure bachelor 's of science in nursing (BSN) students will be appropriate for this case

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