Learner Centred Curriculum : Learner Centered Curriculum Essay

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Learner-Centered Curriculum
Given the integration of didactic and clinical information in nursing curriculum, the learner-centered approach in implementing our proposed UPICC curriculum was our evidence-informed choice. Weimer (2013) in her review of the research that supports the evidence that learner-centered teacher is effective cites many studies dedicated to the evaluation of this teaching style. One study that particularly spoke to the implementation of learner-centered teaching in our program was by Ramsden (1988) where the connections between deep and transformative learning were discussed and stated “Learning should be seen as a qualitative change in a person’s way of seeing, experiencing, understanding, conceptualizing something in the real world – rather than as a quantitative change in the amount of knowledge someone possesses” (as cited in Weimer, 2013, p. 31). In a meta-analysis by Cornelius-White (2007) it was concluded that “Overall, learner-centered teacher variables have above-average associations with positive student outcomes” (p. 134).
Defining Curriculum
When developing our shared definition of curriculum, it was important that we define curriculum as a guide that included our philosophy, objectives, resources, goals, assessments and learning experiences. We then went on to further define individual curriculum goals which included the establishment of a clear philosophy, our theoretical framework, allowing for flexibility, assessment and revision. This…

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