Essay about Learner Analysis : Instructional Setting

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Learner Analysis
Instructional Setting
The instructional setting is an early childhood campus in Houston, Texas with grades pre-k and kindergarten. The learners for this topic are the kindergarten students. There are 16 kindergarten classrooms. 7 english, 6 bilingual (or ELL), and 4 dual language classrooms. Each classroom consists of one teacher and an average of 21 students.

Instructional Problem and Goal
The content area is math with a subtopic of reading and interpreting data on a graph and collecting and organizing data to into a graph. The kindergarten students scored the lowest in this area on the district math benchmarks tests in the prior year. The instruction needs to be improved so the current kindergarten students can attain a goal of 95% or higher passing the math benchmark in the area of creating, reading and interpreting graphs. Using data collection strategies, a graph template, and several sample graphs students in kindergarten will be able to collect and organize data into a graph and interpret data and draw conclusions from data presented on a graph successfully 100% of the time.

Entry Skills
The students have all been in kindergarten for 6 months before this concept will be taught. They have been taught the prerequisite skills including number identification, counting, one to one correspondence, and creating sets. Students that do not master these skills in the regular classroom are pulled out to receive small group instruction from two…

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