Lean Production Delivery System Essays

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The term ‘lean production’ came about to describe the Toyota production system in the late 1980’s. This came to pass through a research group from MIT who over five years analysed the automotive industry in fourteen countries. It was called ‘lean manufacturing’ rather than the Toyota production system to make it easier for competitors and organizations to adopt this type of system.
The concept of lean production in a manufacturing organization basically means to try and maximise the use of materials to achieve optimum customer value and at the same time reducing waste and ensuring the same standard of quality in the finished product. Reducing the resources means it will cheaper for the organization to create the product plus also for the
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Needing this type of full on support from everyone will lead to obvious problems e.g people take to change differently.
* When trying to use and introduce lean production tools there will be leaders to direct teams, these leaders have to be liked by both employees and management but this can be difficult due to differences in personalities plus some employees will find it difficult to take orders from co-workers.
* Another disadvantage of lean production is that it is a constant on-going process especially when first implementing the system as it takes a lot of effort from the entire workforce which could see employees or management want to revert back to the way it used to be.
Although there are disadvantages it is clear that the positives outweigh the negatives.
The next point could also be seen as a disadvantage as we look at the importance of supplier support in a lean environment. It is important to have suppliers that understand the set up of lean production. The reason for this being we know that having this lean environment in the organization means that there is little inventory stock kept on hand so dependable suppliers are needed to keep a steady supply of resources reaching the company without

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