Lean Enterprise Organization Application Essay example

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Lean Enterprise Organization Application

ISCOM472 – Lean Enterprise

January 25, 2016

Describe two core elements of Lean Enterprise that can be used to improve your organization
Every organization can benefit from all five of the lean enterprise principles. The two core elements that I selected from Lean Enterprise that can be used to improve the salon at which I work are: 1) identifying value from the client’s perspective, and 2) mapping the value of stream for our services. It is imperative that we listen to our clients and pay attention to what they consider important, if we would like to retain them. The majority of our customers are pleased with our services and prices. Given this fact, I still believe that if we survey them,
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I have been working on a vision statement that aims to clearly define my organization’s objective and serve as a guide to my internal decision making.
Vision Statement
“Our vision is to persistently pursue growth, by continually improving performance, products, and business procedures at every level of our organization for the advantage of both our internal and external customers. We aim to be a preferred salon providing innovative services that add value for, and create mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We strive to be a leader in integrity and reliability in the hair care industry by providing outstanding service to our clients, colleagues, vendors, and community.”
This vision statement supports Lean Enterprise because it focuses on continually striving to improve our procedures in order to pass on the benefits to our internal customers (stylists paying booth rent), and external customers (clients paying for products and/or services). It also supports Lean Enterprise by concentrating on offering innovative value-adding services to our clients. These services include a streamlined scheduling system online which will eliminate the need for clients to speak directly with their stylist in order to book their

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