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Northeastern University College of Professional Studies Course Syllabus LDR 6110 – Leading Teams Winter A 2013, 6 week term January 7 – February 16, 2013 Blended Format Live Sessions held Wednesdays from 5:50-8:00pm Instructor Name: Dave Czesniuk E-mail: d.czesniuk@neu.edu; Phone: 617-373-7879 Program Manager: Jackie Bishop E-Mail: j.bishop@neu.edu; Phone: 617-373-6343 Faculty Dave Czesniuk is Assistant Dean for Partnerships and Alliances at the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University. Throughout his career, Dave has built an expertise in leadership education within the sports industry, higher education and the non-profit sector, among others. As a part-time faculty member in the College of Professional Studies at …show more content…
Identify and assess personal communication styles and its impact on team effectiveness. Work collaboratively within groups to diagnose team needs, define action plans and provide feedback to improve on team leadership effectiveness. Facilitate teambuilding exercises to provide all team members applied practical experiences in a leadership role.

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Course Methodology Leading teams is a course designed for students to have an action learning experience. The course utilizes a highly interactive format and relies on the students’ willingness to participate in class discussions, as well as complete all assigned materials. Various teaching methods are implemented to achieve course objectives including case studies, class dialogue, team activities, videos and problem-based learning approaches. Students will be asked to contribute key ideas based on their interpretations of the readings to inform and present diverse opinions to their classmates and instructor. This course is a shared learning experience. The purpose is to help students become more reflective and thoughtful about the team leadership processes and group dynamics, while teaching team effectiveness. Each week, you will be expected to: • Discuss perspectives of team development and team leadership based on assigned readings/media. • Engage in action learning, in which students can test assumptions and implement new

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