Leading Org Final Exam Notes Essay

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1. Stress and well being
Define stress and describe the stress experience
Stress is an adaptive response to a situation that is perceived as challenging or threating to the person’s well-being. Distress – negative destructive effects, can be caused from boredom or under stimulation or overstimulation. Eustress –positive, constructive effects which are better performance, etc.
Identify the different types of stressors in the workplace Interpersonal Stressors, most common, include team dynamics, bad bosses, workplace violence.
Role-Related Stressors, role conflict (incompatibility of expectations associated with the person’s role, two roles conflict with each other, personal values conflict with work roles), role ambiguity
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Identify specific ways that organisations acquire and share knowledge
Explicit Knowledge – can be organized and communicated from one person to another (easy to comminucate, facts and figures, models and theories)
Tacit knowledge – subtle information acquired through observation and experience; can’t be explicitly communicated only possible through observation and experience (intuition, judgment, experience-based insight)
Describe the knowledge creations process
Knowledge is created and expanded through the social interaction between tacit and explicit knowledge and from individuals to the group (socialization – sharing and creating tacit knowledge through direct experience, externalization – articulating tacit knowledge through reflection, combination – systemizing and applying explicit knowledge and info, internalization – learning and acquiring new tacit knowledge)
Explain the role of trust in knowledge sharing
Trust is a psychological state comprising the intention to accept vulnerability based upon positive expectations of the intent of another person. There’s

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