Leading Causes Of Police Brutality

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“Across the country [such people] endure the injustices of discrimination, entrapment and verbal abuse, as well as brutal beatings and sexual assault at the hands of those responsible for protecting them-the police” – William F. Schultz, 2007 Police brutality is the intentional use of excessive force on a person, usually physical, but also in the form of verbal attacks, and psychological intimidation from a police officer. The Legal Dictionary defines it as "The act of unlawfully killing another human being unintentionally." (Steve Lendmand) Police brutality has been alive for too many years. We all know it, yet the government never seems to get around to addressing the problem. Plenty cases of police brutality have ended up in death. …show more content…
84% of cops said they witnessed other officers use more force than necessary to make an arrest. One example of racial discrimination was a case concerning and African American, Rodney King. On March 31st 1991, Rodney was pulled over for speeding by LA police. Police claim he was either on drugs, or drunk while driving. A bystander recorded officer’s tasing, kicking, stomping, and beating him with batons. Rodney King took 56 blows from the batons, was kicked six times, and had 11 skull fractures, brain damage, and kidney damage. The officers beat him for about two minutes.All of the officers that were involved were let off the hook, until the city of Los Angeles took matters in their own hands. The minority of LA was unhappy, which caused riots, and it lasted for about six days and left 53 people dead. After that four of the officers were charged with excessive force, and found guilty. Officers Stacey Koon and Laurence Powell received 30 months in prison while Theodore Briseno and Timothy Wind were acquitted. (Spearman, …show more content…
This allows officers to do plenty of unlawful things, and never get prosecuted for their actions. More than 10,000 complaints were filed in Chicago of police abuse between 2002 and 2004. Only 19 cases ended up in disciplinary action. A discipline rate of 0.19% which is 40x less than the national rate. This has become the biggest safety net for dirty cops. For the officers that do get prosecuted, they do not serve their full sentence. Let’s say if a minority (Latino, African American) commits the same crime,
Myles, 3 they are likely to get a much longer sentence than the officer. It is unfair, and unjustifiable. There have been questions as to why so many police officers use excessive force when making an arrest. Turns out, there are no clear policies on the police force. Departments must provide their officers clear, consistent policies on when and how to use and report force. Unfortunately, many departments lack this exercise which leads to more force than necessary, and that leads to police

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