Leading and motivating a team effectively Essay

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Leading and motivating a team effectively

1.1 Explain the importance of the team having a common sense of propose that supports the overall vision and strategy of the organisation

Leaders draw people into a shared sense of purpose by creating a distinctive well crafted and compelling vision of the organisations future.
This is done in the following ways:
High levels of employee engagement
A sense of purpose leads employees to feel motivated and committed to the organisation. Employees in organisations with a strong sense of shared purpose find their work to be absorbing and meaningful. They are also more satisfied with their pay and want to stay with the organisation. Developing a shared sense of purpose drives employee engagement.
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Some of these are:
Financial reward
Many people work to provide housing, food, clothing and entertainment for themselves and their families. Works allows people to live. Some workers will dedicate greater time and effort for the opportunity to increase their pay through raises, bonuses or promotions. Others may be happy to accept a less competitive pay package in exchange for doing work that they enjoy. Benefits like pension packages can also fit in this category. The cost of having these benefits outside of a work context can be prohibitive. Maintaining these benefits motivates many employees to stay with a business and do well in the company.
Personal Satisfaction
Workers that enjoy their jobs look forward to going to work, stay engaged during the day and show dedication to the business. Not everyone has the opportunity to be involved with a company that is a passion, but a company owner can provide a supportive workplace where employees feel valued and rewarded. This kind of positive working environment fosters job loyalty and keeps employees happy and motivated.
Offering employees flexibility in their work can help keep them on track and motivated. Flexible working hours that accommodate family schedules, school holidays, or a work from home option are all powerful incentives. These perks can be given as

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