Leading A Team Into Change Essay

1746 Words Dec 10th, 2014 7 Pages
Jade Ann Alto
DHSM Level 7 1D
Assignment 3: Leading a team into change (1500 word essay)
“It is no longer enough for health workers to be professional. In the current global climate, health workers also need to be interprofessional,” (World Health Organization, 2010). Interdisciplinary team approach is now commonly used in healthcare delivery to keep up with the advancing of healthcare to the modern age. Interdisciplinary team leadership ensures a smooth functioning of the unit and promotes personal and professional development of its members. To become an effective interdisciplinary team leader, I understand that this is not merely based on theoretical principles but also entails experience among many other qualifications.
In order to manage the interdisciplinary team, the team should have a common understanding of the word interdisciplinary collaboration. This results to a more effective communication within the team. In this case, interdisciplinary is an assimilation of knowledge and expertise of different disciplines to solve difficult problems with flexibility and open mindedness (Nolte, 2005). The workplace culture must support this kind of collaboration to provide the highest quality of healthcare that is client centred.
To decide what kind of health care service to add, I will consult all the people involved in this project. Since the team is directed towards rehabilitation, it is best to determine what specific service it will provide. Should it be limited to…

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