Leadeship Essay

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Team Leadership Memo
Phil Jackson

Theories of Leadership James Manktelow, (2015): In the 1930s, Kurt Lewin developed a framework based on a leader's behavior. He argued that there are three types of leaders: 1. Autocratic leaders make decisions without consulting their teams. This style of leadership is considered appropriate when decisions need to be made quickly, when there's no need for input, and when team agreement isn't necessary for a successful outcome. 2. Democratic leaders allow the team to provide input before making a decision, although the degree of input can vary from leader to leader. This style is important when team agreement matters, but it can be difficult to manage when there are lots of different
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Management Team For Alana Sutton I wanted to call on her strengths in the areas of integrity and organization. These are great assets to utilize in her role as price and research manager. Her autocratic approach is perfect, as we need someone who can make the difficult decisions that will allow us to operate within our budget. Staying on track with the budget is imperative with any venture, particularly a new one Alana will aide in that.

For Broddrick Stringfellow I want to give him the role of process manager. His democratic approach in leadership will serve as a great asset to our team. We need someone who is spontaneous, while having great skill in the areas of producing plans for day to day tasks and coordinating office events. Broddrick will be the blueprint for running this department.

Kema Sweatt will serve as a front line manager. She is strong in the laissez faire approach like myself. This will serve her very well when it comes to managing a team with many different personalities. Her ability to read personalities and teach makes her perfect for this role. Kema brings a relatable quality to the table that employees respect and appreciate.

Finally, Dallas Sutton will serve as a floor/team leader. His democratic approach to management will serve him in the area of being a liaison between agents and management. His charismatic personality and ability to persuade will also aide

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