Leadeship Styles Essays

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Leadership Styles of Northwest Middle School
With every education community there are successes and challenges each organization has at its leadership level. The decisions the leadership team makes to help fulfill the school’s vision and counteract these challenges starts with the leadership styles. One may argue that the teachers and staff are the most important component. Yes, students cannot learn without teachers to teach, but the leaders are usually the first and final voice in the decision-making process. Northwest Middle School of Kansas city, Kansas has ninety-nine percent free or reduce lunch students, the poorest school in Kansas, and is considered at- risk. Four years ago the school was on the verge of being shut down with a
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before presenting them to the staff for further discussions. Participant leadership style is closely related to democratic leadership. Democratic leadership shifts the power from the top to the larger unit, teachers (Botha, 2010). However, with participative the ultimate power or finally say so is based on the leadership team. The head principal desires for staff to function like a family, but he has to do what he feels is best, even if it may be against the majority. The head principal would not ask staff for their opinion, thoughts, ideas, or votes on a particular issue to passively take them into consideration. For example, the group did not want to wear work id badges for numerous reasons. After great deliberation, Northwest Principal required that id badges would be worn due to safety reasons.
Collaborative Leadership
A study of a democratic schools in Africa concluded that ninety percent of a principal’s job is directly dealing with teaching and learning (Botha, 2010). The principal of Northwest would most likely agree with the previous statement as well. However, working as a collaborative effort with the leadership team, teachers, and other partners in the education community helps alleviate a few of the responsibilities. Collaborative leadership is a lot similar to participate, but the is a longer process of collaboration and the final decision is formed through the

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