Leadership Essay

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Transformational leadership
Transformational leadership consists of four dimensions: charisma/idealized influence; inspiration motivation; intellectual stimulation; and individualized consideration.

1. Idealized influence involve the extend to which a leader’s followers hold the leader in high regard and seek to identify with him. Leaders demonstrating idealized influence act as a role models, are admired, respected and trusted. They also consist the needs of others over their own, are consistent, share risks with others and conduct themselves ethically.

Mr. Branson often went vacationing on his private Caribbean Island, called Necker. Along with him for his sojourn, he had brought 20 employees from various Virgin companies. And
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Branson is Virgin’s most enthusiastic cheerleader, offering constant praise to employees for their efforts. He recalls how his mother and father always looked for the best in their children and he does that now with his own son and daughter. “I will praise, praise, praise” he says. “and only criticize if they are going to kill themselves crossing the road. People know when they’ve done things wrong; that they don’t need to be told. When I write my letters to employees, you’ll never see a line of criticism.”

3. Intellectual stimulation refers to the leader’s ability to challenge followers to re-examine some of their assumptions and encourage innovation and creativity through problem reformulations, imagination, intellectual curiosity and novel approaches.

Branson has developed a level of trust with his top managers by setting the direction and then stepping back to let them navigate. “I come up with the original idea, spend the first three months immersed in the business so I know the ins and outs and then give chief executives a stake in the company and ask them to run it as if its their own,” explains Mr. Branson. “I intervene as little as possible. Give them that, and they will give everything back.” He certainly not gives anyone a 100% perfect review of his or her work. He believes that no matter how “brilliantly conceived” something is, there is always room for improvement. This motivates the employees to think out of the box

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