Essay about Leadership

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By Rudolph W. Giuliani

The book “Leadership” by Rudolph W. Giuliani is a well thought out book about being a leader through very hard time in the world, going through September 11 2001 and holding it all together and bringing not just a city but actually the whole United States of American back from an attack on America. In this paper I will try and point out some things that stand out about Mr. Giuliani leadership skill and compare them to the “Primal Leadership” written by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee, and also comparing them to “The Steward Leader” by R. Scott Rodin.
You’re setting there finishing up your morning meeting like you do every day of the week, everything going as normal, when you are
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Giuliani at this point because he had to keep his emotions at bay during this or he could let fear creep into the situation, not saying he was a rock but I feel he had it together by always being prepared for whatever comes your way.
I know this attack brought a lot of people to the churches looking for understanding and answers and I feel that Mr. Giuliani also did the same thing looking to The Lord for answers and having Faith that all was going to be alright, and that it would get better because it be a well balanced leader you can be in charge but there is someone leading you. Rodin says it like this “When godly stewards are called to lead, they must seek to find that place where their work as stewards of their relationship to God intersects their call to lead”. (Rodin, 2010) God’s in control of our future if we will let Him be and during times of crisis that when we pull closer to Him for answers and direction.
In chapter 3 “Prepare Relentless” he takes about lessons he learned when he was a lawyer and the influences that people around him instilled in him. One is by Judge J. Edward Lumbard taught him, "Don't assume a damn thing." (Giuliani, 2002) which is a great point but I wouldn’t use the stern language, it’s a lot like when a mentor gives you a rule that just sticks with you, I have one that’s just simply as can be “If it’s stupid don’t do it’ I use that a lot in my rules for ministry. But going back to the chapter he says

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