Leadership Essay

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Shatoyna Wilson
February 19, 2013
Make The Best Out Of Yourself
Leadership can be many things but the main things are intelligence, charisma, and integrity. These are all important because they show what being a leader is about. There are also many different ways you can gain leadership. You can learn from people who are already leaders or you can learn how to present yourself in a good manner by your appearance and your language. There are 5 levels of leadership they are: * Position (Rights) - people follow because they have to. * Permission (Relationships) - people follow because they want to. * Production (Results) – people follow because of what you have done for the organization. * People Development
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And when you have good communication skills and able to express what you want you can achieve the best. And effective communication is necessary to develop good working relations. 3. Develop a vision and focus- this is important because you should know what you want and then when you realize that you can put your mind to it. Your mind will only be focused on the vision you have in your head. A good leader must have an ability to visualize different situations it is important for the future. 4. Honesty- I feel that this is the most important one because you always have to be totally honest at all times. Being honest shows that you’re confident and it helps you builds trust in the people you lead because what they see is what they get. When they see how honest you are then they think they can trust you. 5. Motivation- this is important because being able to motivate the people that your being a leader to shows that you care. This is a good quality to influence others how good of work they can do. If you acknowledge them or give them some kind of reward it’s a true source of motivation for the workers. 6. Compassion- you have to be compassionate about what you do or being a leader, know that you are doing your best in what you want to do. Showing that you are compassionate make them feel that they are safe with you. It also enables the leader to nurture the people being led.

I think that all these things show what a leader is.

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