Essay on Leadership vs Management

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Leadership versus Management
Every company has leaders and managers, and sometimes they are the same person. Leaders are those who can motivate and inspire others to perform at their best to get the job done. Managers are those in charge who organize and make sure that things get done, not necessarily worry about popularity or unity within the group (Brown, 2010) (DuBrin, 2010). • Those put in a position of power over others, either a manager position or a leadership position must have the qualities that will benefit the company in those roles. • Leaders are those who work hard and perform positive results and in doing so are able to bring out the best in others around them. Leading by example is a key trait of a leader and
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• A leader must be a team builder either when moral is low or the group performs admirably, is the leaders role to acknowledge and recognize what is going on internally. • As with any leadership role, the leader must be a follower and be able to be a team player regardless of what that means. There is no room for ego or selfishness when it comes to one team and one goal. • A good leader is a problem solver and has the ability to help others arrive at a successful outcome. • As an entrepreneur, a leader has the ability to seek out new projects and makes suggestions that can better the group and the company. They will be able look at a situation and see what it could be and how the group can get it there. • Similarly, a leader must be able to plan for both internal and external events around the group and be able to choose the best direction for the group as a whole.
Leadership is hard to teach due to the fact that it is defined by who a person is and not what position they hold.
“Leadership is doing the right thing and management is doing things right”. This is the epitome of the idea behind the difference between managing and leading. Leaders prepare for the future and get there; managers take the present and successfully navigate through its obstacles.
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