Leadership Vs. Management Leadership Essay

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Leadership vs. Management
Leadership comprises scientific and artistic fundamentals characterized by six imperative qualities. The scientific qualities of leadership focus on the process and tasks associated with evaluating, planning, decision making, and training. “The artistry of leadership is embodied in processes and tasks associated with relationship building, communicating, persuading, coaching, and evaluating or establishing context (G. R. Ledlow, M. N. Coppola, p. 11).”
Management is the process of getting activities finished promptly, safely, practically, and resourcefully with and through other people. Classifications of management skills are divided into four categories: managerial skills, technical skills, interpersonal skills, conceptual skills, and administrative skills. The managerial function is exactly the contrary of the leadership function with a daily focus on the managers function directed at knowing, guiding, and supervising the productivity of the employees beneath them.
Leadership involves having a visualization that becomes the mission whereas management is just mission orientated. Managers must have some aspects of leadership to be successful at management. Leaders must demonstrate good managerial skills through organizing and delegating tasks while guiding the health organization 's vision and strategy. Leaders demonstrate leadership by using the vision, strategies, goals, and values to guide their actions and behaviors. I…

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