Leadership Theory And Leadership Theories Essay

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Over the years, diverse research has been conducted to address issues pertaining to leadership. These studies have in turn triggered the development of various leadership theories that offer diverse opinions, and outlooks in relation to issues pertaining to leadership. Further, these studies have accounted for the development of diverse leadership philosophies and styles that determine the leadership patterns integrated by leaders (Northouse, 2014).
Behavioral leadership
The behavioral leadership theory evaluates the behaviors affiliated with successful and effectual leaders (DeRue et al, 2011). Behavioral leadership is directly tied to the behavioral leadership theory. Based on the theory, an individual’s behavior serves as the key predictor of the apparent leadership influences and capabilities. Change-oriented behavior, task-oriented behavior, and rational-oriented behavior are perceived as the core behavioral patterns depicted by successful leaders (Offermann, Kennedy & Wirtz, 1994). Unlike the trait leadership theory , the behavioral leadership theory indicates that leaders are made, and not born.
Transactional and transformational leadership
Transactional leadership is directly affiliated with transactional styles of leadership. These transactional styles are often based and inclined on maintaining and reinforcing the normal and daily flow of imperative operations (Mogollón & Gonzaléz, 2010). Typically, transactional leaders tend to motivate the…

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