Leadership Theory And Leadership Theories Essay

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Leadership Theories
Having a quality leadership team in place is essential to the success of any business. The question then becomes what type of leadership is best suited to a particular business? The answer to this questions can be found within the research that has been conducted on leadership by a variety of philosophers, psychologists, sociologist, and other individuals influential in the business world. Each theory seeks to explain how leaders can be affective in motivating their employees to work hard towards accomplishing the goals of a company. The following will summarize three key leadership styles and analyze how each theory can be applied in a work environment.
Three Leadership Styles
Lewin’s Leadership Styles
Lewin’s Leadership Theory was developed by psychologist Kurt Lewin in 1939. Lewin identified three different types of leadership: authoritarian, democratic, and laissez-fair. Each of the three leadership types was identified by unique characteristics and varying degree of control exerted by the leader. The first leadership type, authoritarian, is the type of leader who exerts the most control of the three categories. An autocratic leader will identify for the group exactly the task that need to be done. They will then tell the group exactly what steps are required to complete the task and what order the tasks should be performed in. As the name would suggested this type leader has complete authority over the group they supervise. This type…

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