Leadership Theories Of Leadership And Leadership Development Essay

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What is leadership? Who can be considered leader? Are there differences between leaders and managers? If so what are they? Are leaders necessarily those who command us? Are there different types of leadership? How do we recognize a real leader from a false one? This book will help you to find the answers. The Ladder to Transpersonal Leadership includes elements of leadership theories and approaches gathered into a socio – ecological approach, which considers the interaction among processes, person, context and time. When a leader becomes transpersonal, in other words when he or she reaches a global consciousness, he or she moves from local, regional and organizational contexts to a global context. The book is divided into eleven parts, in the first part, we review the concepts of leadership and leadership development. We explore some approaches to leadership; some of them include attribute approach, effective leadership approach, and relationship between power, influence and leadership, we continue with situational leadership and its relation to contextual factors. Finally, we present some of the latest approaches that focus on the development of an organizational vision and the role of the leader as facilitator of followers’ development.

In the second part, we explore the fundamentals of Transpersonal Leadership, and we ask the question: who is a leader?

In the third part, we explore the first step of leadership: influencing people. This step is related to the…

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