Essay about Leadership Theories And Concepts Of Leadership Styles

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Leadership Theories and Concepts In this paper, the writer will discuss trait and behavioral theories, types of leaders, leadership styles, leadership models, and situational factors. The case study Low Five will be discussed as well as how the list above applies to it. The writer will discuss the case study, scholarly research, and textbook material to elaborate on leadership and the factors that play a role in it. The reader will understand what the coach’s leadership style and behaviors are, the situational factors that influence the coach’s effectiveness, what leadership styles and behaviors would be more effective, and what the coach’s perception is of being a leader.
Leadership Styles and Behaviors Leadership styles are based on one’s actions. One’s actions can determine what type of leadership he or she has. Leaders can be positive or negative. Positive leaders are supportive whereas negative leaders can be intimidating. Leadership styles include autocratic, consultative, and participative. Autocratic leadership is one who likes power and decision making. An autocratic leader is structured or negative but it seems to be positive. Consultative leadership seeks information from select number of people and chooses to use or ignore the information that is received. Participative leadership is accepting information, one is sociable and informative with others, encouraging, consistent, and supportive (Bethel University, 2011). Other leadership styles may…

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