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Leadership Styles & Organizational Diversity

Leadership Styles & Organizational Diversity

Leadership is extremely important when managing a diverse group of individuals. Leaders need to communicate openly with their peers, teams and customers in order to achieve the overall organizational goals. To be effective leaders also need to be open to feedback and willing to work with their teams to create a plan that will drive them to reach their end goal efficiently and effectively.

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Within every organization there are managers who emerge that have natural abilities to motivate others, some learn the technique best suited for them on the job, and other don’t find a technique that works. Managers that
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Rick used a combination of the different leadership styles to prepare me for my career. At first he started off using the Directive Leadership style by setting the goals and timelines for the projects he asked me to take on. After a couple of months of working together he transitioned to a Supportive Leadership style in which he started treating me more as an equal rather than a subordinate. He asked about my family and was genuinely interested in my life outside of work. This made him more approachable as he seemed more personable.
As we became more comfortable with each other he started to ask my opinion on projects and wanted to know what I would do in specific situations. Once of these project included coaching others to success on calls by using our call sequencing model. I was able to give me input on how I liked to receive feedback, so he asked me to complete the first coaching session and report back to him with the outcome. He then took the information and presented to senior leadership. Together he and I wrote training about how to properly coach in certain situations.
Finally, based on the work we put in on our Quality Assurance Team he started to use the Achievement Orients Leadership style. He started setting lofty goals around where our quality metrics should be, and challenged me to find new way to reach the goals. As I created new training modules and presented them to the leadership team, the

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