Essay on Leadership Styles : Quality And Patient Safety

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Leadership Styles to Improve Quality of Care in Health Care Organizations
Leadership roles are essential in addressing and handling issues and reaching sought out goals in healthcare organizations. Quality and patient safety are major concerns in the United States healthcare system and it is up to our healthcare leaders to bring about changes for improvements in this area. Three types of leadership styles found in healthcare include servant leadership, transformational leadership and laissez-faire leadership.
Servant Leadership
Servant leadership centers on doing as much as possible to lead employees in reaching their goals and meeting their needs (Trastek, Hamilton, & Niles, 2014). In the study by Trastek et al. (2014), challenges faced by healthcare organizations are discussed as well as the importance of leadership roles I making changes within organization to result in giving patient better care. A major challenge discussed is promoting organizations that can provide patients with the best quality of care possible and at the same time avoiding high costs (Trastek et al., 2014). It is the healthcare leader’s goal to be able to bring about excellent care to patients and to make them feel respected and satisfied with the organization (Trastek et al., 2014). Since a difficult task in healthcare is being able to decrease costs, it is important to make patients feel that they are receiving high quality care that is work the expense (Trastek et al., 2014). According to…

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