Leadership Styles Of The American Economy Essay

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The technologies sector of the American economy provides a significant portion of the nation’s economic power. It accounted for over seven percent of the United States’(US) Global Domestic Product(GDP) and employed over six million in 2014 (Preston 2015). Although seven percent of GDP may seem insignificant, the US GDP in 2014 was nearly $17.5 trillion (World Bank), meaning that the tech industry contributed around $1.24 trillion to the American economy. In addition to its raw contributions to the economy, the tech sector produces the computational power and automation capabilities that spur growth in every other industry. Given the ever-changing nature of the industry, corporate leadership must include aspects of versatility and creativity. The US Army looks for and tries to develop these characteristics in its leaders. Although the tech sector and the US Army operate in different environments, leadership is universal and lessons learned are transferable. This paper will briefly examine the leadership styles of several tech industry CEOs and apply them for the Army leader.
Case Studies
Google and Apple are two of the most successful companies in the world today, each with a profit margin over 20 percent, a combined market cap over $1 trillion, and more than $100 billion in cash on hand between them (Yahoo! Finance 2015). These powerhouses of the corporate world grew out of the early days of information technology, blossoming in the early twenty-first century through the…

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