Leadership Styles of Ceos Essay

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Change is a basic part of life. Leaders, whether it be the CEO of the company or you, must anticipate forces that will cause changes, identify opportunities that will require changes, react to unforeseen events that make changes imperative, and work with others to overcome the predictable reactions to change, which almost always include some amount of resistance, often to a significant degree.

As a leader, you sometimes need to be conservator of values and institutions that come under attack. Knowing when to change and when to preserve is vital leadership ability.

Leading change is a significant part of the policy process. It is not enough to identify policy issues, develop potential solutions, and allocate the
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So, he left the company and began his own career, now several years later he has accomplished more than he could have imagined.

VALUE-BASED LEADERSHIP: The Rushmorean leaders served to realize the needs and wants of their followers. As reviewed in the book, there were four great presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. All of which came from different social backgrounds, professional manners, educational upbringing, and personal interest and styles. But, after reading through the chapter you find even with their differences, they became remarkable leaders. Much like, Mr. Cersosimo, not that he should be compared to some of the greatest presidents we have ever had, but he had to overcome objections, but like the presidents he was inspired to trust and hope in his followers. He took a gamble leaving his company several years ago and starting his own business. But, had he not had the integrity to move forward, he would not be the success that he is today. The fact that he respects his followers and reflects on their needs and wants to continue thriving in the industry, Mr. Cersosimo has become a well-rounded individual that realizes that he himself can not handle all of the tasks of operating a business. The values that he holds true are: trust, respect for others, and listening. Much like the Rushmorean's standard of excellence, the

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