Leadership Styles : Leadership Style Essay

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Leaders have an important role in society. Leaders have to practice the best measures in which he or she can become a more effective leader by building up his or her leadership skills. In order to improve leadership skills there are changes that a leader will have to adapt to help him or her to be successful. Effective leaders motivate themselves and others to be the best in their field of study. In other words a good leader will build their own capacity as well as the capacity of those around them.
Best Practice of Being an Effective leader There are several different leadership styles. These leadership styles define how a leader is viewed and how they view themselves. Authoritarian leadership style makes all of the decisions within a group (without consulting with group members), instructs a delay time, and how to execute the plan. Democratic leadership style makes all the final decisions but encourages group discussions with input. This leadership style is the most effective and/or popular style considered (Long-Crowell, E. (2003-2016). Delegative leadership style (also known Laissez-faire leadership style) is based more on the group making decisions. The leader have little input and a hands-off approach. This leadership style expresses a lack of motivation from group members unless the members are highly qualified and expertise within the area of study or field (Shead, Leadership Styles, 2016). Based on the “What’s Your Leadership Style?”…

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