Essay Leadership Styles At My Disposal When Needed

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I encounter. I need to prepare myself for said situations and be familiar with the leadership styles to be able to use them at my disposal when needed.
B3. Influence of Interview
After having the opportunity to reflect on the leadership positions I currently have and have had in the past, I have come to the conclusion that I have always leaned toward or favored the participative leadership style. After having the opportunity to interview the principal at our institution and gaining insight to her personal leadership style or styles, I have found that her leadership style reinforces my leadership style. The interview gave me a lot of confidence knowing that how I like to lead is one of the most effective characteristics and styles of a good leader.
C1. Self-Reflection Approach of Administrator
According to our institutional leader and or principal the approach she has taken to self-reflect on leadership practices, is to see the outcomes of her subordinates on how well they perform their responsibilities and their willingness to perform said responsibilities. If she sees that her subordinates are excited and willing to implement directives and perform their duties to the best of their abilities and are striving for improvement and overall student success, then she uses these observations to reflect on the effectiveness of her overall leadership style or styles. She uses the reactions of her subordinates as another way to reflect and assess overall effectiveness of…

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