Leadership Styles Assignment Essay example

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Assignment: Leadership Styles in the School Setting

Karen Williams

Grand Canyon University: EDL 812

March 2, 2015

Introduction The role of a superintendent is compared to that of an orchestra conductor (Domenech, 2009), and for good reasons; the many hats worn by this one person in the performance and leadership of the school district. He/ She guide an exemplary vision towards a performance goal and serve as a model for leadership, and embody the ambition for the entire organization (Dipaola & Stronge, 2003). Nevertheless, this leadership can present a significant challenge to the process of evaluating a superintendent due to overly subjective and vague judgments. A superintendent
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For results, Mr. Marks should discuss with the teams he leads, his goals, his drive, his initiative, and accountability qualities, as Phillips & Phillips (2007) suggested. He needs to expand on change, letting the team know, a successful superintendent value change and lead change efforts by developing and following his vision with no stumbling blocks in the path for his district, ensuring that each of his schools mission within the district is aligned with his same vision (Portis & Garcia, 2007). The implementation of a positive change is to oversee the process of strategic planning to ensure the focus on what most important to stakeholders in the district (American Association of School Administrators, 2006). Mr. Marks should set his goals high but obtainable and make sure they are aligned with the district existing plans. I would also advise Mr. Marks to take interest in the personnel that implement student learning, and build a district culture in the ones that implement the outcomes of change (DuFour, 2007). He should always have and keep a positive mindset and high expectation for school performance for students, teachers, and the community. Secondly, because Mr. Marks would be accountable for overall district performances (education, finances, and administratively) he needs to be knowledgeable on the content at hand, and update this knowledge when new mandates change (Eadie,

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