Essay about Leadership Styles And Leadership Style

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While taking the Leadership Style survey, I struggled with answering the questions due to the fact that my role as a leader is currently limited. I currently am involved in smaller leadership roles at my school such as being a mentor to a new teacher and being part of the leadership team. Without being in a major leadership role, I had to make some predictions of how I would respond to many of the questions asked during the survey. Also while completing the survey I was somewhat worried about what my results may show me. Would I be a leader that was to controlling and micromanaging? Or would my results go in another direction and show that I was too lenient and laissez faire? The results of my survey were that I scored thirty-seven points for participative leadership style, thirty points for delegative leadership style and twenty-seven points for authoritarian leadership style. After reading the descriptions of each leadership role, I began to feel a sense of relief.
My primary leadership style is the participative leadership style. This style is focused on providing help toward group members, working within the group and taking information from group members. Participative leaders are not afraid to take input from the group when they are problem solving or making big decisions. However, the leader does stand to have the final say when the decision must be made. I feel that my score does reflect how I may lead as a future administrator. When looking at specific items,…

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