Essay on Leadership Styles And Leadership Style

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Effective leaders, exhibit leadership through effective communication and ethical skills, they have team leadership qualities and are able to identify their follower’s strength and weaknesses they motivate, coaches and have a positive influence on their followers. The objective of this reflection is to explain why each leader was chosen and to justify their behaviors and actions towards the different leadership styles. This assignment will also show the characteristic of each leader, whether they were an effective or ineffective leader. When faced with challenges, how did their leadership styles help them to overcome obstacles? This study will show that each leader portrayed a different leadership style. One demonstrated the transformational, affiliative and coaching styles; while the other demonstrated the authoritative and coercive styles. Although both leaders’ leadership styles were different, they were both enthusiastic about their leadership activities. They created change and took their followers where they wanted to go. Nevertheless, their different leadership style allowed them to be effective leaders. Reflecting on Leadership Styles Part II
To be an effective leader, leaders should have the essential leadership skills necessary to lead. Each leader was chosen because they led by example. Mr. Boaz is one of my former professional leaders, who I currently work with on a personal level. I chose Mr. Boaz because he puts his words into action and leads by…

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